She's on her way!

Princess Maker and all games associated with it belong to Gainax, Ninelives, Microcabin, Vector Japan, J-Wing, GeneX, and Takami Akai.


Princess Maker 5

Are you already getting tired of PM4? Did you get all the events and endings? Play the PS2, PC, and PSP versions? Well have no fear cause at this very moment Princess Maker 5 is being made by the one and only Takami Akai.

Dad... and Mom?!?
Your Daughter

As of right now, this is what your new daughter will look like once she turns eighteen years of age. Well that is what I am guessing by these pictures. Ah yes going back to Gainax's ecchi roots. ;)
Looks like a marriage ending, but to whom?

Lastly this is what Cube should look like in the game.
He's just so darn cute!
Looks like Cube traded the red bow tie for a red neck tie this time.

Other points of interests: It looks like PM5 is going to be set in modern times (what was first planned for PM4). I read that the game is going to be released during the 4th quarter of '06; however, in my honest opinion this is going to change.

When I get more updates I'll let everyone know.